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Nothing good comes to fabrics or clothing that are kept in storage boxes for years or even decades, and a wedding gown is no exception to that. The most common issue if you don’t properly preserve your wedding dress is yellowing age marks, which can be severe and exceedingly difficult to remove.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to reach that point of ruin for your special dress that bears deep sentimental value. It’s one of your most cherished possessions, so you should treat it with special care both before and after your wedding day.

Has it already been years since you last had your wedding dress cleaned? If so, the more reason you should bring it to our expert cleaners at Classic Cleaners. You can fully trust our staff’s expertise and experience to get your beautiful gown as clean as possible, handling it carefully to ensure it doesn’t get damaged.

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Used their services twice now and they are very professional at a decent price. Both time they have been able to get my uniform cleaned a day early which is great.

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Is Bridal Gown Cleaning Different from Wedding Gown Preservation?

You only really need your bridal gown for one amazing day, but we’re sure you wouldn’t just give it to anyone, or worse, throw it away. Wedding gown cleaning and preservation are two techniques to ensure that no traces of the big day’s spills or the fading effects of time will ruin the beauty of your bridal gown, for years to come.

What Is Wedding Gown Cleaning

This procedure entails washing wedding gowns to get the stains out and cleaning the fabric as well. There will almost certainly be at least one stain on your wedding dress after the party, whether it’s champagne, dirt, or a little frosting, and it should be cleaned by a professional to remove soiling. Sugar, sweat, and other oils, for example, may not be visible right away, but they may show up as stains over time.

What is Wedding Gown Preservation?

Wedding gown preservation is the process of packaging a gown in special boxes using accepted preservation methods and materials to prevent wedding dresses from yellowing and aging over time. Although the cleaning and preservation process are different, cleaning your gown is the first step in keeping it in pristine condition. 

Why You Should Get Your Wedding Dress Professionally Cleaned

Despite the high cost and sentimental worth of wedding gowns, harsh treatment is meted out to them on the wedding day. Whether it’s the hemline sagging on various surfaces or someone accidentally spilling champagne on it, your absolutely beautiful wedding gown just may be unrecognizable after the big day.

Have it professionally cleaned by our expert wedding dress cleaners in Redondo Beach, and enjoy the following perks:

1. Prevents yellowing and fading

You should take extra precautions to protect your wedding dress from dirt, dust, and direct sunlight because if the fabric is exposed, its color may run or fade. But you won’t have to worry about this if you take advantage of our local wedding dress dry cleaning and preservation services.

2. We use state-of-the-art equipment

Wedding gown cleaning is a sophisticated process that necessitates the use of specific equipment and detergents. So, if you’ve ever attempted to clean your wedding gowns at home, you know it’s a fruitless endeavor. Classic Cleaners has the necessary equipment and skills to clean your dress effectively and without causing damage to it.

3. We’ll bring out the vibrance of your beautiful gowns

You have probably spent a considerable amount of time (months, if not years) preparing your perfect wedding.  But what if your wedding dress still arrives faded and soiled? Leave the job to our wedding dress preservation experts unless you have extensive experience working with delicate fabrics. They know which products and methods to utilize and can identify possible problems before they become a problem.

Let Classic Cleaners Take Extra Care of Your Beautiful Wedding Dress!

The only true way to be sure your wedding dress will remain in pristine condition to share with your children is to have it professionally cleaned and preserved at Classic Cleaners before storing your wedding gown. 

Our cleaning experts at Classic Cleaners will carefully examine your bridal gown to decide on the best cleaning process based on the fabric, level of soiling, and manufacturer’s guidelines.

We offer FREE pickup and delivery service across the South Bay and beyond, including but not limited to the Beach Cities, Palos Verdes Peninsula, Torrance, Gardena, Westchester, Playa Del Rey, Playa Vista, and Ladera Heights.

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